SAT Tutoring Rates

For high school students planning to move on to higher education, a good score on the SAT test is paramount. Not everything that’s on the test is learned in the classroom. Each high school offers a different curriculum, and each student has an individualized schedule. For example, a student might take algebra and geometry, but not trigonometry. If a student takes the SAT exam before they qualify to take trig (usually in the 11th grade), they will need to learn it. That’s one of the many areas where tutoring comes in.

When a student signs up online to schedule the test, they are offered a study book for an additional $40 charge. The book is about the size of a Los Angeles phone book and can be intimidating. It can be difficult for a student to study alone; however, the book can be a guide for a tutor to use. When it comes to SAT exams, many students (and their parents) look for a tutor who can help them obtain a good score.

Tutoring Rates

SAT tutoring rates vary greatly, depending on the type of tutoring, the time needed, and location. Before selecting a tutor, several factors need to be considered and the person selected should be carefully vetted. A tutor should be considered an investment in the future, and several should be interviewed before making a final decision. Also, decide the score you’re aiming for. For those seeking a scholarship for a full-ride to college, a high score is needed. Consider whether a higher score is needed to be accepted into the preferred colleges.

You must decide whether the tutoring will take place locally or online, and determine your budget.

Local Tutoring

The advantage of a local tutor is that the person can be interviewed face-to-face. You can meet with each prospective tutor, interview them and see how they interact with your child. A good relationship is crucial for success.

A private local tutor might be a high school teacher or college professor. The cost can range from $40 per hour to as much as $200 per hour. A college student who scored exceptionally high on the SAT exam while in high school will often offer tutoring at a lower rate, some as low as $15-25 per hour. It’s important to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. Does the tutoring plan include assisting with study structuring? Will the tutor break down sessions so that you can spend more time focusing on weaknesses? Always make certain to schedule only the time needed. Some students will tire after 90 minutes of intense studying, and you don’t want to pay for time not used.


When selecting an online tutor, it is more difficult because you can’t physically meet the person. You’ll be dependent on reviews, which may or may not be legitimate, and your best bet is to ask for recommendations from your child’s teachers and guidance counselors. An online tutor will use a video service such as Skype or Zoom, and the cost of tutoring is generally more expensive. You should expect to pay between $40 and $350 per hour. Most online tutors work through educational companies that also take a cut, hence, the higher cost.

Keep in mind that SAT tutoring rates vary, and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Experience and success are the most essential factors to consider when hiring a tutor.