Loft Conversion

Things to Know About Dormer Loft Conversion Cost

Dormer conversion or Dormer loft conversion is a method used by homeowners while extending the space available in their house. By extending the loft one can get additional space in his house for living, storage, or use as a bedroom. In this write-up, we are going to discuss DORMER CONVERSION COST so that you can easily make conversions when required.

A dormer loft conversion can generate an additional area in your home depending upon your requirements and the space available in your home. For instance, by generating an additional space of 50 cubic meters in your loft this tool can provide you space for storage or living as per your requirements. In this way, this tool can allow you to have a family home as well as improve the quality of your life.


An extension created by adjusting the design of the roof to make practical use of a large volume inside the home is known as Dormer loft conversion. These conversions can extend your roof laterally from its tip instead of disturbing sloping and regular sides of your attic to leave a flat surface edged by sloping regular sides. The main aim of the conversions is to generate an airy and lighted room similar to the other rooms in the house. It allows you to create additional space without any addition and alteration in the plan of your property.


  • The entire cost of dormer conversion depends mainly on the size and style of conversion you want to make in your loft and the materials used for this purpose.
  • Usually, dormer loft conversions can be cost-effective when used on a flat roof with dormer windows. Installing a loft on a flat roof can be less expensive and a provider of larger internal volume than a sloping roof.
  • The cost of dormer conversion can start at nearly 30,000 pounds and above. It will allow you to make the basic conversions without adding any additional features to its architecture. But if you add things to the architecture of your house its cost will be higher.
  • At present, the average cost of dormer conversion can be nearly 45,000 pounds. In the UK most people spend from 30,000 pounds to 60,000 pounds on such conversions.
  • The total dormer conversion cost can be divided into various segments like planning, permissions, building regulations, and survey if the property is shared with neighbors.
  • Normally 1,000 pounds plus VAT is paid by homeowners to the architect who makes sketches of installing a new dormer to build additional space in your loft.
  • Almost 170 pounds are spent on the costs of planning permissions if you live in England in a controlled area.
  • You will also have to bear the costs of building regulations to make new conversions in compliance with the prevailing laws. It can vary from 400 to 800 pounds according to the complications in the plan
  • You may also have to pay around 400 pounds to a lawyer and a surveyor to draw an agreement for Party Wall if the wall of your property is shared with a neighbor. This agreement will allow you to make dormer conversions in your loft.