Timeshare claims with no win

In today’s recession, many families are trying to cut excessive costs anywhere, and this often translates into timeshare buyers looking for any and all timeshare exit strategy. You can: rent your timeshare, sell your timeshare, transfer your timeshare title or you can donate your timeshare.

The first option to try to get a timeshare exit strategy is to sell a timeshare. Basically, since the 1970s, when timeshare really came into play, buying rates have been steadily increasing. Then, recently, in 2007, with the beginning of the recession, the timeshare industry started to see a decline in sales, but it was quite sharp. In 2009, the timeshare market fell 40% and that was after the market fell 10% in 2008. Basically, about 6 million Persons are timeshare owners, no one buys more timeshare and everyone is looking for an exit strategy.

Unfortunately, those people who try to sell their own timeshare, but fail, think that it is just them and, if they are through a company “specialized” in selling timeshare, they must be a viable exit strategy for timeshare. Unfortunately, this area of the timeshare industry is a big part of why it has such a tarnished image. Timeshare resellers are some of the biggest scammers in the business world today, telling owners that they have buyers lined up for them, offering them a huge profit as long as they pay the timeshare reseller company an upfront fee. Most people are usually very excited about the prospect of actually getting rid of timeshare maintenance fees and therefore do the business, only to regret it later.

Thus, after realizing that there is currently no value, much less profit, in timeshare, most owners now consider any alternative possibility of obtaining a timeshare exit strategy, removing all related costs. This is usually the only time that timeshare owners consider donating their timeshare, in the hope that they can get rid of their time share and also help a good cause. There is only one problem with this idea; charities don’t even want time share for free. They are very well aware of all random appraisal fees and property taxes and simply don’t have the money to spend on them. Yes, some charities accept timeshare; however, this only occurs when they have tested the market for a period of 30 days to see if they can find a buyer for the property at a profit for the charity. Usually speaking, if the individual timeshare owner with real knowledge of the timeshare industry cannot sell the timeshare, then neither can the people who work for the charity, leaving them back to square one without a timeshare exit strategy .

Now that all the alternatives have been exhausted, this is the time when most people consider paying a small fee to find a timeshare exit strategy. This is when individual timeshare owners look for timeshare transfer companies. Timeshare transfer companies, simply declared, take the title off their name and transfer it to a third party interested in timeshare for a fee, but the success rate with transfer companies is astronomically higher than a resale company , for example. As people go through other options and get to the timeshare transfer option, they increasingly realize that this is the best decision and current option as a timeshare exit strategy.


What is a Floating Timeshare?

When you find yourself stuck in a presentation by the timeshare property, you would have no choice but to listen to what they have to say to you. One of those things that they will tell you is that you will have a floating timeshare instead of a fixed date where you own the property. This would allow you to go anytime you wish to the property and enjoy life as we know it. This is usually not true as when you sign the contract, you would have a hard time booking with them. Just when you think everything is all good, you would not know what you need to do next. It is one of those things that they will tell you that are not true. Hence, better remember everything the sales agent tells you. It is no secret the sales agent would just want you to buy the timeshare property so the entire thing is over and done with. When that happens, the sales agent would get his commission and move on to another client. These people don’t really have a fixed salary as they would gain a percentage of what you bought. Hence, you can’t really blame them for trying to sell you stuff that is not really true until you find out that it is already too late.

It won’t be right to fall for this tactic since it is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You would be hard pressed knowing you won’t have to think about where you will spend your vacation. It is all in the mind regarding this floating timeshare that you are dealing with. When it is peak season, you would like to go to the timeshare property that you supposedly own. However, the truth is that you won’t have to deal with these things in due time since the collection agency will do everything they can for you to pay up the ever increasing maintenance fees. If you think you can walk away from that then think again because the timeshare property already experienced a lot of similar instances. It would only be a matter of time before they would want to tell you that you need to pay this amount every time your credit card is due. It is evident that no matter where you go, there really is no escape. Hence, the next best thing to do would be to just file for mis sold timeshare claims and see what happens. There is no guarantee you would get to stop paying those pesky maintenance fees though. All you can do is to hope for the best even though we all know it is another long process to get you out of it and you will need to spend for attorney fees. When they get you the win, it will be worth it. Of course, don’t forget to mention the floating timeshare so that will be one of the things that they will bring up in court.


How to get Anfi timeshare compensation

The Anfi Timeshare group is one of the largest timeshare resorts in Europe. The group was founded in 1988 by the Norweigan entrepreneur Bjort Lyng and has five luxury resorts based in Gran Canaria. In addition to luxury rooms, these resorts also have other facilities like bars, restaurants, swimming pools, islands. They are also a popular wedding and other event venue. The anfi group is facing court cases for its aggressive selling of its timeshares which violate the consumer laws. So we at Timeshare Finance Claims can help investors and others who have purchased a timeshare at anfi get anfi timeshare compensation if they wish.

Anfi properties

Anfi is one of the most famous vacation ownership companies in Europe. It has five resorts in Gran Canaria which are

  • Anfi del mer which includes the Anfi beach club
  • Club Puerto Anfi
  • Club Monte Anfi
  • Gran Anfi
  • Anfi Tauto/Anfi Emerald Club with a golf course.

These luxury resorts are popular among people from North Europe where the temperature is very low during winter since Gran Canaria has is pleasant warm throughout the year.

The Anfi timeshare has been aggressively marketed like most of the other timeshare companies. Hence this has led to complaints by customers who feel that they are misguided when they are being sold the timeshare, and take the wrong decision. In 2015, the Spanish supreme court announced its judgement on various court cases against Anfi by the time share holders, which set a precedent. Media reports that the holding companies for Anfi may change to avoid paying for the legal expenses from the existing assets.


If any Anfi timeshare investor or holder who feels that he has been mis-sold, violating the consumer protection laws in his country can try to get compensation for the amount he has invested. To get the compensation he will have to provide details of the amount he has invested and his contact details like name, email and phone number. He will also has to provide details of the amount he has invested in the time share, the number of years for which he has paid the maintenance fees, and for how long he is eligible for a holiday at the Anfi resorts.


We have many years experience in help our clients get compensation for the losses they are incurring because they have been mis-sold their time share. We are aware of the tactics used by the different time share companies, especially the Anfi group in persuading customers to invest their money. Our staff will listen carefully to your complaint against the Anfi group and why you feel you are being cheated. We will also require details of the payment which was made to Anfi group. It is usually easily to get compensation for the payment made using credit card, since UK laws offer protection, even if the payment is made to businesses outside the country. After evaluating the information available, we will decide the best method to get compensation for our client. We do not charge a fee, unless our client wins the compensation he is demanding.