Brighton air conditioning maintenance

The thermostat must be properly calibrated. This will ensure precise temperature control and duty cycle. This will save you operating costs and ensure your comfort level.

A coil with dirty condenser (outside the unit) will reduce the ability of the air conditioner to remove and repel heat from your home. This will make your system work better and increase your electricity bills. The advantage of a clean capacitor coil is the proper heat repulsion, shorter operating time and lower energy bills. A dirty air conditioner can cause the system to malfunction and the air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Dirt and household dust escaping through the air conditioning filter can attach to the cold damp spiral. This will limit the flow of air through the coil and reduce the air conditioner with performance and capacity. The maintenance of the evaporator coil will ensure that a proper flow of air is delivered to all areas of your home, increasing the comfort level, providing better humidification and a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Inspecting and changing air filters monthly will help prevent air conditioning repairs.

When the air conditioning system removes heat from the house, moisture is extracted from the air. Condensation caused by warmer air passing over a cold coil must be discharged from your system. This is done through a condensate drain line. Drainage must be checked and removed for the accumulation of algae or foreign particles that seal the leak, which can cause water damage to the ceiling or floors of your home. Maintaining the air conditioning drain will reduce the need for air conditioning and overflow problems that can lead to water damage. Proper drainage will also help maintain the humidity level inside.

Dirty fan wheels can affect the flow of air to the house; limit the capacity and comfort of the air conditioning system. It can also disperse dust particles that irritate the sinuses and allergies. A clean fan wheel and a fan motor provide maximum airflow, an improved level of comfort and proper cooling. Most air conditioning repairs are due to dirt and lack of maintenance.

Moving parts that require lubrication can lead to increased power consumption and air conditioning repairs. This is due to the extra force required to overcome the resistance of unlabeled engines and drive shafts. Proper system lubrication provides smooth engine and shaft operation, extended service life and less air conditioning.

The electrical components of your air conditioning system should be checked regularly for signs of wear. Improper electrical components can lead to very expensive repairs of the air conditioner.

the above Brighton air conditioning tips will help you reduce the amount of air conditioning repairs you will encounter during the life of your air conditioner. If you need air conditioning, make sure that the company you choose is authorized and insured to carry out the necessary work.