Door Mats

What should you be looking for in a door mat? Door mats are a great way to keep dirt and debris out of the home and they come in all shapes, designs and sizes. Many homeowners, faced with so many different choices when they go shopping, usually pick the first design that they like. While design matters it is not everything. There are other factors that you should take into account.

The first is how effective a door mat is at keeping out dirt and debris. You want mats that can keep out as much dirt and moisture as possible. Ideal mats will absorb 95% or more of foreign materials that they come in contact with including dust. This means less cleaning for you since your floors stay cleaner for longer.

You should also look into the materials that rugs are made out of. There are many that are made out of synthetic materials and these are no good at all as they aren’t very absorbent. The best door mats are made out of recycled materials because they tend to be much more effective at keeping out dirt. They are also a good way to shrink your carbon footprint.

Most rugs, when they get dirty, have to be transported to the carpet cleaner’s to get washed and dried. This creates extra work and expenses for you. There are some brands however, that you can clean and sanitize right at home without the need for any special equipment.

One of these brands is Hug Rugs. These door mats are made 100% in Yorkshire out of recycled materials and they are extremely effective at absorbing all kinds of foreign materials. They can be cleaned at home with ease, and they are also excellent for use with pets.

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