Cambridge to Stansted

People have bad experiences in taxis from Cambridge to Stansted from time to time. That said, there are some common precautions you can take that can reduce the risk of your taxi ride going bad:

• Always book your taxi in advance especially if you are arriving from another country. This allows you to do your homework on the company and also know exactly how much you will be paying.

• Before you get into the taxi check the brand name on it to make sure it matches the company that you booked with.

• If you are not lucky enough to hire a cab in advance you can get one on the spot but make sure that you get one that makes you feel comfortable. If you have a bad feeling about a taxi don’t get in it no matter how much the driver insists.

• Always hire a taxi that has a meter – some of the older ones don’t, which leaves the driver free to come up any fare he likes.

• If you arrive without British pounds make sure to get some before you leave the airport. This way there will be no confusion as to your fare when you are paying the driver.

• Make sure to book with a taxi company that has a customer complaint line. This usually forces drivers to behave themselves because they know that they can be reported in case of misconduct.

• If you have special needs such as a wheelchair find out if the company can send you a customized vehicle.

• If you will be using taxis during your stay in Stansted book with the same company instead of using many different ones.

One company that you can rely on to always transport you safely and comfortably is Style Taxis. They have a large, well maintained fleet and excellent drivers. You can book a taxi through their website,

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