6 Types of Glass Doors to Consider

Glass doors are the most commonly implemented architectural feature in renovations and new buildings all over the world today.

The main benefits of double glass doors are that it increases natural light, improve views, and enhance ventilation.  Although they are typically transparent, the possibilities of sandblasting and other enhancements to the glass are endless and allow you to create real works of art.

There are various mechanisms and styles to choose from. The hard part is to decide what type of glass door is the best choice for your home.

The most traditional option of all is the single hinged door. It swings open from a wall and can open inwards, outwards or both. It is also suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Single hinged doors can be installed framed or without a frame.

French doors can be described as single hinged doors applied in a pair opening away from each other.  As a rule French doors are known to have several small panels in frames. However today there are no rules. Commonly they are typically framed in timber, but today fiberglass, Aluminum, and PVC is also used for a more modern appeal.


Bi fold doors are also commonly known as concertina doors. They are made up of two or more panels that are hinged on a sill track.  Like the other doors they can be framed or frameless. Usually they open to one side but it is possible to construct them to open both ways of the door opening. Special attention should be given to the track as it is likely to carry significant weight.


Typically pivot door have a hinge at both the top and bottom. This hinge can be either in the center or off center.  This is a popular door especially where aesthetics are considered and a very modern option.  When the door is opened it opens to both the inside and outside.

Sliding doors needs no introduction. They slide to the sides and are typically one panel that slides behind another panel or wall. It is the most popular option to invite the outdoors into your surroundings.

There is a strong similarity between staking doors and sliding doors. The difference between the two is that the stacking glass door contains more panels that move behind one fixed panel where the traditional sliding door only has one panel. This is the ideal solution if you need to close up a large opening.

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